Travel coaches advice how to go to Europe cheap but still

Ms. Thuy costs € 2,600 (about € 64 million) for a month in Europe , with her experience teaching and traveling self-sufficient .

Travel coaches advise on how to travel Europe cheap but still

Ms. Nguyen Thu Thuy, lecturer, Faculty of Tourism Studies – University of Social Sciences and Humanities (Hanoi), has 16 years of teaching. She is also a director of a travel service company. Ms. Thuy often travels and has a lot of experience due to her work requirements and personal preferences.

Ms. Thuy has shared her experience to Europe alone in 2011 for 30 days in 8 countries. The article has been updated the price of the current time.

Thuy’s trip goes through: Hungary, Vienna, Italy, Rome, Venice, Milan, Spain, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Portugal, Lisbon, (Nante, Paris, some coastal cities in southern France), Germany (Munich).

At about the time, she went around September and early October, beautiful weather, clear blue sky, sunshine, cold weather with a thin coat and a lightweight towel, only one day in Geneva. To get this journey, Ms. Thuy spent two weeks detailed planning to every minute for each day.

Halászbástya population - The fishermen in Hungary.

Halászbástya population – The fishermen in Hungary.

Many tour guides thought that her schedule was too thick, but because she was alone, she made almost 100% of the plan, except for minor incidents such as the Venice strike, missed the bus In Madrid and missed the train from Paris to Munich, there was nothing to complain about. The experience of her blood draw is that even though it is only 3 minutes late, you can look at the car or train rolling in front of your eyes helplessly. In July, Ms. Thuy also instructed mothers and children a friend to go this way at a very economical cost.

1. Visa

Visa costs: 60 euros. Thuy applied for a visa at the Hungarian embassy and had an invitation from a university. This is the hardest part when traveling self-sufficient Europe . It is not easy to apply for Schengen visas through the French embassy. To be eligible for a visa, you must show the applicant the possibility of not staying in Europe with the following documents: employment contract, average income (payroll), red book saving…

You must also attach a detailed schedule with booking your ticket and booking as scheduled. Of course, also international travel insurance. You note that the embassy may refuse us with a general ambiguous reason. You can file an email claim if denied.

Mathias Church - Budapest (Hungary).

Mathias Church – Budapest (Hungary).

2. International airfare

Round trip Hanoi – Budapest 600 euros per person, the cheapest is Quatar Airlines. You can choose to fly other airlines if your first European destination is another.

3. Travel in Europe


The best way is to buy a Eurolines pass. This is a cross-European bus, with a 15-day or 30-day package ( https : //… ).

Advantage: cheap (the lowest package for young people is 195 euro for 15 days), convenience, the starting point is the city bus station, can sleep overnight in the car, save on accommodation costs, In another country. Baggage has a bookmark, there is help porter …

Disadvantages: You need to plan a detailed journey and arrive early at the starting point of the journey to get tickets, may run out of tickets if you arrive late. Tickets must be printed with no electronic versions.

Eurolines price list 2015-2016.

Eurolines price list 2015-2016.

Express train

If you travel long distances between countries, you can choose express trains (each country has several trains), or choose an eurorails pass, From 106 euros when traveling between 4 countries. The only downside is having to put your luggage yourself on the boat and put up quite high above the head. Website: .


Or you can choose cheap airlines to fly between countries, typically EasyJet, just note that you remember to buy additional fees for checked baggage, if too much freight charges More expensive than ticket prices. Fares in Europe vary from 30 euros per day. Website: .

4. Travel and sightseeing in the city

European taxis are very expensive, so it’s best to use public transport like buses, metro, overhead trains, cruise ships (as in Venice).

From the airport to the city center there are bus routes costing around 5 euros / pass. All cities issue city passes with travel maps, with multiple options (one or two, three, four days). With this card, you are free of all transportation as well as tourist attractions listed in the card. Moreover, you are entitled not to queue for tickets to visit. If you do not have a card, you have to queue for at least 45 minutes to get a ticket to the Louvre (18 euros) or the Marseille (15 euros) or the Arc de Triomphe (10 euros).

Tickets can be purchased at international airports, train stations, city stops or 7 Eleven convenience stores. For example, the city pass Venice is priced at 20 euros per day or 30 euros per day, or 40 euros per day. City museum pass Paris costs 62 euros for 4 days but is free to visit 60 tourist sites and museums. Website: .

The car hop on hop off is easy to pick thanks to the outstanding red color.

The car hop on hop off is easy to recognize thanks to the red highlights.

In addition, you can choose hop on hop off tour to visit the highlights in the city. This tour uses bus, there is stop near the sights, each stop depending on the level of attraction is 15 minutes / trip or 30 minutes / trip. You can buy this tour package 24h or 48h, with many routes.

Some cities not only travel by bus but by tram or ship on the river (like Budapest or Venice). Passengers are given their own headphones, when they plug into the control panel, select the type of GPS listening language. When off the car with the headset played to use when the next bus. Depending on the city, the demarcation information comes in 16 or 21 languages. The tour hop on hop off in Rome costs 68 euros (including tickets to the Colosseum and Vatican Museums). Website:

5. Stay

This is quite expensive if you choose to stay at 2 stars or more. But to save money you should book a hostel or dorm, cost about 15 euros / person / night. Of course, not all cities have this average price, staying in Switzerland is very high, over 50 euros / room even though it is a two star hotel. If you go 2 people and divide the money, it is quite convenient when you choose a hostel or small hotel.

If you go alone, should choose the dorm, note that do not select mixed dom (male or female). Ms. Thuy once ignored and chose a wrong dorm like that. At the dorm, each one has its own bed and a separate luggage compartment so you can be assured of it. Of course the toilet is shared.

Hotel room Farini, the price on is 45 euros / night / 2 people, central Rome (Italy).

Hotel room Farini for 45 euros / night / 2 people, central Rome (Italy).

When choosing a hotel, you should take into account the choice of a place with a rating of 6.5 points, near the bus or metro station for convenience, to avoid the choice of accommodation accommodation away from public transportation. The price is low but the cost of travel is higher than the cost of staying.

When booking, you should select the room type that can cancel free of charge and the room includes breakfast. You should also check the guest’s review of where you plan to stay on Tripadvisor for the most objective information. It is also possible to choose the couchsurfing form to save money (free stay when joining the system), but this type of risk exists some difficult to control.

6. Eat

– Breakfast: included in the hostel / dorm stay, so have breakfast. You go early, nor any sightseeing sites open so feel free to enjoy breakfast and leave the hotel at 9h. If you go all day and night to move to another city, check out and baggage at the front desk to get back to the hotel.

– Lunch: Because you have eaten so much at noon, you can snack hamburger, fast food, about 3-5 euros / person, mainly looking for cool foot rests and free wifi.

– Dinner: Thuy’s dinner is usually in supermarkets to choose items, choose fresh milk, yogurt, clean vegetables, fruits of all kinds … to make up the vitamin during the day. This way you eat just enough quality and cost savings, only about 5-7 euros / time. Occasional occasions you can enjoy a sumptuous dinner at a local restaurant to enjoy the cuisine. A delicious dinner at the restaurant will cost you no less than 40 euros per person first.

Drinks: Drinks in Europe are very expensive so the best way is to bring bottled water and get water at the free water supply points. Do not forget to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, and make sure you have plenty of toilet paper.

7. Shopping

Fairy-space dolls shop in Budapest (Hungary).

Fairy-space dolls shop in Budapest (Hungary).

Ms. Thuy mainly buy souvenirs but select the local products, so this item also accounts for quite a bit of money. A cheap mask in Venice is also 40-50 euros. Travel guides (books, guide books, DVDs …) are not cheap at all. This cost for you if the preliminary 30 euro / city also 500 euros.

8. Total cost

With the above listed, Thuy’s total expenses for one month is more than 2,600 euros. Note that due to going alone, the cost of accommodation is quite high due to not being able to share the room.

Budapest Castle Hill.

Budapest Castle Hill.


– Visa: 60 euros.

– Airfare: 600 euros.

– Travel in Europe: Eurolines 15 days (250 euros) + 3 flights (120 euros) = 370 euros.

– Stay: 24 nights x 15 euro = 360 euros (minus about 5 nights sleeping on the bus).

– Meal: 27 days x 12 euro = 324 euros (minus 3 days on board).

– Visiting: an average of 30 euros / day / city, the total cost is 390 euros for 13 cities.

– Shopping and backup costs: 500 euros.

– Expenses for international travel insurance: the lowest is around US $ 1.5 / day.

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