What you need to love, traveling with the “sister association” as these three friends is enough fun!

Who says traveling alone with a new lover or romantic lover, going with the “sisterhood” is also a worthwhile trip to try!

What you need to love, traveling with the ‘sisterhood’ like these three friends is enough fun!

People often say, “Where to go does not matter, it is important to go with whom.” Just as true, a land has to go foot tired feet but if worn with the extreme “match” how well together “knock” ball. Previously many young people travel concept is to go with his lover, and then take romantic photos. Chances are that recently, the group trip you are more “fever” than the trip of the couple.

Simple to go with friends spoiled for fun, is also extremely comfortable to experience and play enough games. Want to take a virtual live wallpaper like thousands or so deep, just to meet each other wearing ton tan ton also have the same glittering photos as magazines. Ensure nothing less than the picture of the couple kissing the “flowers have mastered” nhe.

Yum-yu-cu-di-lich-elephant-hoi-em-3-cobalt blueYu-cu-di-du-lich-elephant-hoi-em-3-cobalt blueYum-yu-di-du-lich-elephant-hoi-em-3-cobalt blue

Recently, her three friends Kim Chi, Kieu Vy and Ngoc Lan have proved traveling with “sister” is a trip should have in life. All three had a very happy trip and many memories in Da Lat. The three of you have been driving together to explore all the places, eat lots of delicious food and have fun laughing together after relaxing days of study. Then dressed in group clothes, wearing group shoes and shooting each other like thousands of virtual photos.


Chi, Vy and Lan have been friends since junior high and junior high school so the three girls are so good together and have many similarities in their way of dressing or traveling. Therefore, during the trip three people are “heart of mind”. All three just have a little difficulty asking for permission to go away family and because Dalat is too cold so all three “agreed” is not bathing for a few days.

Yum-yu-cu-di-duich-elephant-ho-chi-em-3-cobalt-amy-happy-lam-ivivu-73-yu-di-du-lich-elephant-hoi-em-3-cobalt blueYum-yu-cu-di-lich-elephant-ho-chi-em-3-cobalt-amy-happy-lam-ivivu-9

The trio also have side by side on trips to Binh Phuoc, Vung Tau, Lam Dong or Binh Thuan. “The trips help us to connect, understand each other and have a lot of memories together,” Ngoc Lan said.


Clip trip Dalat of her three friends received a lot of admiration of netizens. My friend TL taps: “I like it, wish I had a time to travel with my friends.” You HML regret: “Never before travel with friends, think it is not as fun as when you go with your lover. What a pity.”


New Year’s, are you planning to travel with your friends?

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