Flight attendants reveal bad jokes

Airline flight attendants have some points that make people dream, but they also face strange situations that few people imagine.

Flight attendants reveal bad jokes

As flight attendants, you will have the opportunity to experience great trips almost free of charge. However, this work also has many challenges, such as the delayed trip, have to get up at 4am, do the holidays … In addition, the flight attendants are not witnessed many strange behavior of the passengers themselves serve.

Dirty diapers

Of course changing diapers for children on the plane is inevitable, but instead of putting dirty diapers in trash, the passengers are stuffed into the front bag.

After changing baby diapers, you should put them in the trash.  Photo: Business Insider.

After changing baby diapers, you should put them in the trash. Photo: Business Insider.

The “waste” is so bad that the plane must return

According to the BBC, in March 2015, a British Airways flight from London to Dubai was forced back due to heavy odors. Abhishek Sachdev, passenger on the flight, said: “The pilot asked the flight attendant to meet, we know something is already. About 10 minutes later, he announced, “You may notice a nasty odor from a toilet. He said it was loose stool. That’s the word he uses. ”

A spokesman for British Airways said the situation was a health and safety threat because only half of the air in the aircraft was recycled and cleaned. Passengers must stay overnight at the hotel because the next flight is 15 hours away.

Pocket animals

Some airlines allow pets as “spiritual motivators” for passengers boarding the plane. However, few people expected to have kennels as pets.

Use the toilet the wrong way

An airline flight attendant with 30 years of experience recounted her encounter with “a passenger standing on the toilet lid closed and toilet.”

Passengers impatient

In 2014, a passenger on China Eastern Airlines’s flight opened the escape slide after the plane landed at Sanya Phoenix International Airport (Hainan, China) due to “want to get off the plane faster”. The incident caused the plane to take off 2 hours late and damage $ 16,000. In April, a United Airlines flight attendant also took action.

Electronic cigarette exploded

In March, a Delta Air Lines flight was suspended at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport after a passenger’s cigarette exploded on the plane. Electronic cigarette batteries are permitted to be boarded, but lithium-ion batteries of electronic cigarettes are likely to explode if damaged.


A passenger was taken down from a US Airways plane following his pet. The pig makes noise and even leaves the path.

Bringing pigs on board is not a good idea.  Photo: CNN.

Bringing pigs on board is not a good idea. Photo: CNN.

Strange requests

Betty, the author of the Confessions of a Flight attendant, says the strangest things passengers ask on a plane are ordinary instruments, but oddities are the purpose of their use. Among them, guests requested a tweezer to get their butt out of the buttocks, a pen to pick up their ears, a screwdriver to disassemble the chair, or a cup, lid, straw and knife to make a catheter.

Putting animals on the plane

More than 700 flight crew members revealed the items they found on the plane after the passenger down. Animals are left behind, including boars, dried fish, frogs, turtles and parrots.

Incorrect case with cats

Betty writes: “Many flight attendants fall into bad jokes when a female passenger cat feeds. You do not read it wrongly: feed the cat. And this is not the only one happening. They often respond: “I’m just giving my daddy some food.”

Unexpected accident

Betty said he had seen a drunken passenger on a flight to Las Vegas. The boy unconscious while in the toilet, fell to the floor while not pulling the pants. After arguing for a solution, the flight attendants decided to use a long clip (type of bread) to bring his body “exposed” into the pants.

Expose on the plane

Maybe you do not have time to dry your clothes before getting on the plane, but that’s not the proper reason to hang on the chair.

Aircraft seats are not places to hang.  Photo: Business Insider.

Aircraft seats are not places to hang. Photo: Business Insider.

Flight fear

A flight attendant with 30 years of experience recounts, “I had a female passenger run to the front of the plane and rushed into my locker (she thought she was going to the toilet). Then she sat back and started sucking. She told me to forget to take tranquilizers before the trip. ”

Steal bread

A steward said she had seen passengers stole sandwiches at the counter. It was a member of the flight crew. This member took a bite and placed it on the counter (with lipstick on the cake) to assist the passenger. When she turned around, the cake was gone. Then she saw a passenger sitting in a chair eating a cake in their seat. In response to the question of how to eat a sandwich with a lipstick, they say they are hungry.


An airline flight attendant said her colleague had a case of blood flowing down from the cargo compartment above, leaving a passenger carrying a goat from a Caribbean island on board. This happened before the TSA (American Transportation Security Administration) and security procedures were implemented.

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