How to behave properly when traveling abroad?

It is absolutely necessary to behave properly in your home country while traveling. However, the “custom join” is sometimes very troublesome as there are different regulations.

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How to behave properly when traveling abroad?

1. Note the head, shoulders, knees and toes – Fiji


The residents of this country are extremely friendly and hospitable, but they also maintain certain practices. You will be offended if you touch someone else’s head.

If visiting a village of indigenous people, female visitors should dress simply and cover their shoulders. When invited by Fijians, take off all shoes, scarves and hats before entering.

2. Pay homage to – Bangkok (Thailand)


Thailand’s religion is Buddhism. Therefore, they attach great importance to the religious class. You should pay respect when you meet the teacher.

You also have to pay close respect to the Royal Family of Thailand because they have a great influence on the people.

3. Should agree to try the food – Singapore


Singapore is a gastronomic paradise with a variety of different cuisines. You will find it polite to refuse to try the dishes.

Rejection is only accepted when the meal has started and you want others to enjoy the dish before you.

4. Stand on the right – London (UK)


As the first system in the world, London’s metro has tremendous historical value and is also crowded. You will be overwhelmed by crowded passenger traffic of this type of public transport. So, as you climb up the escalators, it’s best to stand on the right side to avoid unnecessary collisions.

Londoners often give way to busy people or to late entrances and the left lane of the escalator is for these people.

5. Be careful when using hand gestures – Bali (Indonesia)


In this tourist paradise, you need to be very careful when choosing bathing suits because the people here are quite conservative and are Muslims.

When dealing with indigenous people, pay close attention to hand gestures. If you use your index finger to point, this will be considered extremely rude. Left-handed eating is also considered by the Bali to be not polite.

6. Respect rules – Paris (France)


The people here respect the principles. If you want to call a croissant, it’s best to talk to the server politely. You should greet the people first, whether it’s at a restaurant, hotel or any store.

The bread in the restaurant also has certain rules. You should not eat when the waiter just brought out to leave it for the next meal with cheese. Putting bread on a tablecloth makes Paris feel more like eating on a plate.

Invite others to drink – Japan and Korea


It would be a very big mistake to drink your own wine in Japan because inviting other people to drink plays a very important role. Although you only eat social drink with a few friends, the liquor poured yourself is also considered politeness.

If you are a drinker, you should pour it out for everyone before you pour yourself. They will take it very seriously.

In Korea, the custom of pouring wine is different from that of Japan because you only need to bring alcohol when you are with a higher class or senior.

If they invite you to drink, use both hands and raise the glass to show respect. When alcohol is poured out, do the same actions as sniffing alcohol. It is said to pay tribute to older people and many Koreans pay close attention to this.

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