8 familiar mistakes but “expensive money” that travelers often get

If you do not want to spend money unfairly travel , be careful with the familiar actions below!

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8 familiar mistakes but “expensive money” that travelers often get

1. Eat these varieties at home

It is normal for you to crave a homemade dish when traveling, especially when you have to eat strange foods for days in a row. However, most people are often disappointed after the decision to eat this craving because the taste of the dish is not as good as the price is much more expensive than eating other local specialties.

2. T-shirts

Travel destinations often sell quite a lot of T-shirts at relatively cheap prices. While on the go, the shirt is beautiful and trendy, however when they go home they look quite silly and people often do not know how to wear it on occasion should tend to miss it. So consider buying T-shirts instead, so buy something more useful, like some cups.

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3. Counterfeit

On the road to travel, you can catch the goods clones are real eye-catching, the price is certainly much more comfortable than the expensive goods. However, the quality of these items is usually bad, and when home, most people do not see it as beautiful as when they are at the store. As a result, the item hangs in the cabinet. What a waste!


4. Money exchange via ATM

Not all ATMs have good rates. Some ATMs charge a very high fee when using a foreign card, so be prepared with money from home, or check some ATM plants to find out which plants have a good exchange rate before performing the transaction.

5. Buy food at the tourist center

Food near the tourist center often sells at high prices (which are not always of high quality) partly because they are in a good location so rents are expensive. So if you want to save and enjoy the good value for money, take a bit harder to walk a little, eat at the local people eat often.

6. Taxi

Of course, when traveling, the taxi becomes a fast and easy means of transportation, but its price is usually quite expensive. Not to mention in some places if black enough. You may encounter a fraudulent driver, leading you far to earn more money. So think about using public transport to save money.


7. Wifi

It sounds funny, but not all places have free wifi, some cafes, and even some hotels charge extra if they use wifi. So check the service carefully to avoid losing money.

8. Handbook

The right guide when you use it to plan your trip, but buying a guidebook and taking it around when traveling is not a great idea. In addition to paying for the money, it also prevents you from visiting and exploring the surrounding scenery.

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