7 things to remember to make the trip full of sense and full of joy

Whether traveling on a tour – usually labeled “riding a horse” or going self alone to worry about az, if you do the 7 tips below, you are sure to have a trip full of experience Tasteful and memorable.

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7 things to remember to make the trip full of sense and full of joy

1. Practice physical strength before going

Traveling to explore or convalescence, you also need to be in good health to adapt to the weather and climate in the destination. If you are going to experience you definitely need a good physical strength to walk or move. So try to train your body to be physically fit before starting a trip. Try walking, running, endurance, endurance … at least 1 week before your departure. When your body is stable, you are free to join in any weather, whether it is changing weather or jetlag due to time difference.

2. Think for yourself the experience that suits you

Experience is not a big deal, it’s just how you do old work in new places. You can try simple activities such as running in the morning to discover how a new day in the place of departure begins, what people do; Lie back and read a book on the beach, in the park near the hotel, enjoy a cup of tea, warm coffee in a beautiful place, panoramic view of nature; Discover delicious food at any stop.


These experiences are simply activities you think of and are interested in. Whether simple or require courage, when you put your mind into it, surely your trip will have a memorable experience. Even if you follow the tour, you will usually be free in the evenings. Discovering a vibrant, sparsely populated city at night can be a memorable experience.


3. Do not plan and get lost feet

Often before the trip you will prepare well with travel schedules, dining, attractions … To make the trip more enjoyable, spend a day or a free, do not plan and Let the feet go lost everywhere. You can go to any restaurant, thanks to the locals suggest attractions, go round without using the map. This trick seems risky but if you have the courage and the “blood” to do it, you will discover many interesting coughs without having to go through the process.

4. Go with curious eyes

Sure, this is a very important factor to make your trip unforgettable. If you look at things with curious eyes, you will find something very strange, something familiar and something is not understand why … In general with curious eyes, you learn a lot of new things and Is a prism to help you look at yourself. Everything can be surprising and interesting.

 Music performance at Korean subway station.

Music performance at Korean subway station.

Such as the way children go to school or chat with friends, eating in public … If you do not notice you will not see the difference with your country, the land you live and the trip seems. Also less memory and memorable lessons.

Live with reality

Of course traveling is a chance for you to take a lot of souvenir photos, check-in photos. But try to get away from the phone screen, tablet during the trip and live a “real life”. Carefully observe and listen to the explanations, sharing of guides or local people. Only when you leave virtual life and live the real life, enjoy every moment of the journey, the new journey becomes meaning.


6. Tell your story and share it with everyone

With the growing power of social networking, sharing your message is easy to spread and attract your friends’ attention. Writing and sharing experiences after a trip is a way for you to keep up your experience and help others with a new experience.


Maybe you do not know that Mark Zuckerberg’s jogging images to wherever he goes have inspired more people to explore the new land by jogging. So simply tell the story in your own way. Whenever possible, it may be helpful to somebody.

Go for yourself

Usually we always travel with psychology to buy this one to do for a person, b. So after the trip, your luggage becomes too charged while most of the other people’s belongings.


If you just look for this item for the people at home, you will not get anything for yourself after the trip. If someone asks you to buy something please refuse frankly because you do not have much time to shop and find items for them. Let go-yourself-yourself means go and do what you like.

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