10 tips to save extremely effective even though the money is still very comfortable travel

The following tips not only save you money but also make you have the opportunity to experience more during the trip .

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 10 tips to save extremely effective even though the money is still very comfortable travel

1. Rent a cheap apartment or motel

Obviously, when traveling, budget for accommodation is one of the most expensive things. Especially if you are planning to stay in a long-term city, the cost of living will often be high. To minimize this amount, you can search for cheap apartments for short term rent. These types of apartments usually have kitchens and washers, so you can cook and wash yourself without spending extra money on these services.

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In addition, if you are hard on the Internet, you also have the opportunity to “cheap” cheap motels or even a free accommodation from the prestigious travel community such as Couchsurfing.

2. Cheap plane ticket hunting

Of course, for those who travel, cheap ticket hunting can be considered as a necessary first step. Airlines have discounts, so picking the right ticket will save you a fair bit of money.


To not miss the latest flight information, please subscribe to information from airlines. However, it should be noted that low cost airlines or baggage allowances should carry a lightweight carry-on luggage and some junk food on board.

3. Flying night or early morning

Night or early morning flights are usually cheaper, and nightlife also saves you time if you only have short breaks.

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4. Use public transport

In tourist cities, most of the buses or trains go through popular attractions, which is very convenient for travelers and fare is cheaper than taking a taxi. For example, in Berlin, Germany, you can take a 100 euro trip (around 70,000 VND) through most of the main attractions. In Venice, Italy, there is a 15 Euro 335 thousand) 1 way from the airport to the city center, 6 times cheaper than private charter.

Traveling by public transportation is always cheaper than traveling by taxi.

Traveling by public transportation is always cheaper than traveling by taxi.

5. Booking a secret room

There is a very good service that can help you book 30-50% cheaper than normal price, it is “secret room”. This is an ideal service for those who want to save money without hesitation. When you book these rooms you will be provided with all the information about where you live except for the hotel.

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6. Use discount codes

In recent years, online shopping has become extremely popular; providers have thousands of ways to advertise and attract customers, one of which is offering discounted codes. In order to prepare for the trip, you may need to pre-order something like a ticket or a booking, and using the online promotion codes will save you extra money.

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7. Eat local dishes at local eateries

The local eateries are not only tastier but generally considerably cheaper than the specialty restaurants. So you should eat there to save money and also to experience the authentic taste as indigenous people.

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8. Bargain

In some countries, bargains are considered part of the sale, and actually, you can buy half the bargain after the bargain.

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9. Prepare in advance

Spontaneous trips are usually fun, but the savings are lower. The fact is that if you plan ahead for your trip like learning how to get around, read the guides on where to eat at cheap prices … you will significantly reduce your costs.

10. Travel with you

Traveling alone also has something special, but when traveling alone, the cost of traveling is usually 10-50% higher. If you travel with your friends, these expenses, especially the cost of living and travel will be shared and significantly cheaper.

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